Are your customers happy? Find out today

My Value Monitor is an online application
that allows you to organize and analyze
customer satisfaction surveys

This is how my Value Monitor works

Ask your customers e-mail address
Your customer gets the opportunity to comment through an online survey
The survey results are immediately visible online

Power by simplicity...

Research using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) directly delivers a clear picture.
No long questionnaires with intricate analyses of large amounts of research data and extensive reports. The Net Promoter Score excels in simplicity.

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Real time

After your customer has completed the survey online, you can view the results real-time and online.
This gives you the option to react quickly and efficiently and to respond to the needs of your target group.

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My Value Monitor

Online survey with
more than 40% response
Direct result visible within 24 hours
Send unlimited numbers of surveys for a fixed low price
Simple in use

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