Communicating with your clients

The my Value monitor is the perfect method to obtain a clear image of your clients' opinion on your product or service. In addition, it is an ideal platform to communicate with your guest on short-, but especially on long-term.

Your client can express his/her suggestions and remarks by responding to open questions. Furthermore, the client can indicate whether he/she wants you to react to the question. This offers you a unique opportunity to intensify your relationship with your client, and when necessary, to optimize your product or service.

Your client can indicate at the end of the questionnaire whether he/she wants to be kept informed about promotional activities and/or relevant new developments within your assortment or organization. We offer you the possibility to keep your guest informed in a simple yet professional manner, with custom-made e-mailings and/or newsletters.

With the help of the my Value monitor you show your client, that quality, communication and guest orientation have the highest priority in your organization.

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